Motivation to be motivated to… what?

First, very important note: if you haven’t try a white tea with wild strawberry and tangerine yet… Go to store right now, it’s so good, mmm

Today motivation becomes trendy. Everybody’s looking for this young, smart chick who is going to change your life. And so do I (a while ago) was so focus on finding motivation. Now I know it doesn’t make sense. Motivation is weak, honestly. Poverty, complexes, boring life, there is nothing to move you on when you don’t want to change something. Hey hey, I don’t want to be poor. For sure, but maybe it’s not so strong need as you thought. The thing which makes people break their routine is word want, 4 strong letters. Even though you scared, don’t have an idea how to start or where you can go, this need is pushing you forward.

So, maybe you don’t really want to become X or Y.

But maybe… maybe you’re just lazy?



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