How to: love yourself

Usually twice a year I buy woman magazines. I like to see these beautiful clothes, elegant models and perfum advertizes. Even though I have buying them in different seasons, I’m always hit by the stereotype of modern woman, or, perhaps, the way modern woman should follow to become strong, to be on top, to catch men attention. Hmmm. I’m little scared, but I decided to understand this complex guiding light to show you how many mistakes we make every day .

Let’s start with our body. Ouch. My hips are definetely wider than my shoulder, no way to become a hourglass. But hey, there’s a clue for everything, hips, ass, boobs, don’t worry baby, operation is as easy as pie, and soon you will join the world of perfection. Yes, yes, you should shorten your nose too…

Alright, now we’re ready to buy new clothes. I’m not rich (but i will be, there’s no place for poverty in modern lifestyle), so small loan should do it’s thing. Gucci, Armani, Prada, they are looking forward to see me in their projects.

Number 3. A man. The man, Handsome and strong, older than me. What? I need stabilization in this crazy world, you know? Maybe he’s gonna to pay my debts too… The best moment to begin a new relationship is a holiday and romantic sex on the beach on French Riviera, then seduce that boy (I mean saddle up a little) and come back home with your loved one. But remember, he should be THE man also in bed.

The last thing is a personality. Don’t worry, is not so hard to be a modern woman, you just need to become positive, happy, well-educated, aware of your advantages but on the other hand modest, calm, and sexy. No big deal.

Now you’re ready to face most important test. You have to accepted yourself, all the way, with your flaws, firm tits, rich husband and three level house. I know, it’s hard, but I believe you can do it. When you will love yourself, everything’s gonna be easier. Trust me.


wink wink wink



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