Reasonable start


I love Bridget Jones’s Diary, I feel like at some point we all become like Bridge – insecure about our body, with boring work and crush out of this world. However, even though I read a book a few times and still enjoy it so much, I’m going to make different New Year’s resolutions. Instead of pushing myself to change everything at one point: body is still full of candies and alcohol after the 31 December party. I create a new way to achieve something. I will choose one thing I want to achieve in every month. It will be easier to start from one particular thing in the beginning and go through the year with the new ideas.

January – get up girl!

Since I’m moving out in a few weeks to a different part of the city and I will have to take more time to get to work or to university, I want to have more time during the day. I have already started these event, not so consequently – but hey, is just a beginning 😉 – because I had a medical exercises considering pain in my neck, I think now it’s going to be easier. I want to get up around 7, 7.30 so it’s not so so early. I’m aware that I also have to go to sleep earlier and it’s my worry ( I stay up late almost every nigt), but I believe I can finally win this struggle.

What are your resolution for 2017? Did you enjoy last year? Let me know 🙂


p.s. I took a photo from this website:


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