Going higher

This one is a quick note. Well, things have changed. It was harder than I thought to get up earlier. Even though it’s not as early as I would prefer, but its definetely more regular. I’m still working on that.

February – moving out

February has started with my birthday and it become a month of organisation. I have plenty of things to do, including moving out and finishing my studies. Now I’m mainly focus on these two things, because they demand a lot of time and concetration. I called this month as you see, because it’s not only physical change, but mostly emotional. I’m going to live with my boyfriend and our friend now and it will be different duties. I mean, the time has come to start relationship with washing-machine…haha!

What makes me sad is fact that camera in my phone died and I can’t my pictures. I was thinking of buying a new phone, but I need to pay for my laptop until June, so it will be a little risky, as I have to pay for rent as well. I will think of something soon, cause making post without a photo is not so entertaining, both for me and you.

P.S. I will post more often, I promise!



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