Waking up


I made last note a while ago. The reason why I didn’t post anything is a bit complex. It was a time when I was finishing my studies and I had to prepare to my last exam and also finished my paperwork. My exam didn’t go too well and after that (it was 9th March) I felt some kind of emptiness. I was stuck. Now I made decisions regarding changing my job and taking care of my health. I know it’s ironic, in my last note I wrote that I will be posting more often, and then, almost 2 months later, I made one.

I marked March as a month of confusion, at some point I was very sad and unable to do something more creative. Now April has begun, and so I started doing something. In Saturday I woke up at 7 o’clock and I go running. It was only 20 minutes, but I feel satysfied I did it and I want to do more. So this month is going to be my waking up from nostalgia. I’m planning to do some DIY’s soon, hopefully you will enjoy it and find some inspiration.



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